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Dear all my friends in this Grace Jee Blog, how are we doing? Enjoying every magic moment? Having fun? Loving life?


Internet is very powerful, isn’t it? Now, we can connect with like-minded people from all around the Globe in just seconds.


MINDSET is very powerful!


The moment you get your mindset right and on track, all wealth, greatness, golden opportunities and great network will just attract to you EFFORTLESSLY without you asking for it, right?


In this  Grace Jee Success Story section, I would love to share my interesting Internet Business start up story with you all. It is actually a good example of activation of Law of Attraction.


Hopefully my little successful experience will inspire and help those who desire to take step to build wealth through Internet or even any area of life.


My life is full of hardships and challenges since young. But, I am a very open-minded person. I am so thankful to have Abundance Mindset. You might wonder why I say so?


OK, shall we get started?


Everyone keeps telling me that it is impossible to succeed and generate massive income especially now is Recession.

But, for me, nothing called Failure until you quit!


When I first started my Internet Business, everyone told me that it is impossible to make sales in Recession.

But, do you know that there are tones of golden opportunities whether it is economy boom or recession?


I have faith in what I do. My positive mindset just attracts great mentors and valuable customers to me effortlessly without me go out and ask for it!

Yes, that’s right, the prospects will come and chase me up!!!


Isn’t this powerful?

When you are so positive, have strong burning desire to succeed, have strong faith plus you take MASSIVE ACTION to do it, be persistent and never give up, all these wonderful things just come to you AUTOMATICALLY!


Guess what….


I managed to make my very first sales within 24 hours after I started my very first Online Business.

I successfully attracted 3 like-minded people to join my Mastermind Team within 1 week of starting the Business. Pretty cool huh?


I am so blessed with everything that I have. This is just an amazing learning journey for me.


When I first started my Internet Business, I have very limited Internet and computer knowledge. It can say that I am just a Computer and Internet Dummy. Put it this way, I am kinda living in “cave”, I just know how to send and reply email, that’s about it!


Also, when I first started my online business, I didn’t even have a website, I just use my mentor’s website.

Isn’t it impressive to see me make my very first sale online within 24 hours after starting the Internet Business?

It is unbelievable to see a computer and internet dummy attracted 3 like-minded people to join her Mastermind Team within one week of starting an internet business, right?


So, can you see the MAGIC here, when you get your mindset right on track, all abundance, wealth and resources just attract to you automatically. This is definitely a wonderful learning experience for me.

I am so thankful for having a chance to experience the activation of Law of Attraction. This experience is just amazing!


I love it so much! I love my life!


Life is far too short for us to live undervalue and sell ourselves short. Nothing is impossible.

You are your own enemy, once you breakthrough, your life will never be the same again, am I right???


Yes, I am very passionate in sharing my knowledge, my skills as well as my precious experience to as many people as possible. I love to see many more people escape rat-race and do things that they are passionate in.


Well, there are too many people out there so busy working hard for money until they forget to live a life. Hopefully you are not one of them!


Life is far too short for us to live undervalue, why not we Dream Big, Think Big and
Take Massive Action
to create all the Miracles we want in life?
(Please do yourself a favour by asking yourself this question that I raise)


Year 2009 and Year 2010 were definitely Years of Prosperity for me. Of course, I do believe I will achieve massive success in every aspect of my life in coming futures.


I have set a big goal to inspire people worldwide to build wealth online.


How wonderful if that to make Internet Entrepreneur one at a time?

At the end, many more people are able to escape Rat-Race, turn their passions into massive profits and of course, living life to its highest prosperity in every aspect? Achieve time and financial freedom, pretty cool huh?


Friends, I wish you All The Best in everything you do.


Let’s keep in touch closely. I look forwards to work closely with your guys online to create massive wealth.

Let’s make this Miracle happens.

Enjoy your marvelous day friends!

My contact is as following:
Skype: grace.jen













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