Grace Jee on October 11th, 2012



There are some myths about Facebook marketing that are flying around the Internet that are downright WRONG and I am writing this blog post to set the record straight.


You don’t need to turn your page into a billboard in order to make sales with Facebook.


I have made plenty of sales thanks to my page and and most of my  Facebook page  updates are helpful and have no sales pitch at all…


Sharing cool content is key for building a strong brand and keeping your page from getting banned.



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Grace Jee on October 10th, 2012



Many business owners approach Facebook with a traditional marketing mindset and consequently make many mistakes along the way.


But Facebook is a new medium for communication and marketing and as such is requires new methods.


While doing Facebook consulting for health companies, landscapers, publishers and more these are the three main mistakes, I have encountered and how you can avoid them:


Common Facebook Marketing Mistake #1

=> Flooding the news stream with too many posts


Even if you only have an hour a week for Facebook marketing, you can line up all of your posts for the week.


Instead of posting as much as you can whenever you have time line your content up at the beginning of the week and post at optimized times so your content hits the news feed when the most people are looking at it.


Some sure fire engagement tactics include:

-   Sharing Infographics

-   Awesome Quotes

-   Sharing Pictures

-   Asking Questions


Common Facebook Marketing Mistake #2

=> Posting too many sales posts


If you want your  Facebook fans  to care about you and your business you have to first show that you care about them.


If all of your messages are focused on selling your products and services without adding value for your community, you will find that many of your fans will disappear forever.


Luckily if you do the opposite of this and are posting useful, cool and engaging updates not only will people stay they will participate in your page and this will help your page attract in new fans as their activity is broadcast through the social graph.


Common Facebook Marketing Mistake #3

=> Setting the default page landing tab to “The Wall”


When you first create a Facebook page, the default landing tab is the wall. So it is not surprising that many people make the mistake of leaving this setting as is.


The problem with this is when people land on your wall they are attracted to the wall posts and many will forget to click the “like” button.


With a custom landing tab you can create a strong call to action for people to click like.


You can increase your conversion of visitors to fans even more by offering a free digital gift as an incentive that is given to visitors when they become a fan.



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Grace Jee on October 8th, 2012



Inspiring quotes from Wallace Wattles


“By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it”


“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”


“There is an inflow of vital power, which is received by all living organisms during sleep ….. this vital energy is the only power by which the body may be healed, repaired, renewed or maintained”


“There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world”


“You can begin to be great to-day in your own home, in your store or office, on the street, everywhere; you can begin to make yourself known as great; and you can do this by doing everything you do in a great way”




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Grace Jee on September 30th, 2012



Making money online is a matter of finding an audience who you can either advertise to or receive direct payment from. Either way, you need something interesting or informative with which to catch and hold your readers’ attention. Your content is everything.


I’ll show you how you can make money presenting and distributing content via podcast or a newsletter, and how you can connect directly with your audience as an online tutor.


Getting Paid To Podcast

To create a podcast, you will need a microphone and some recording software. If you have a camera, you can also produce video podcast.


You can download a free recording program from, where you will also find tutorials on the technical side of podcasting.


When you have the content and are able to produce good quality podcasts, you need listeners. You can find them by submitting your podcast to directories such as, promoting it through a website or blog, or advertising in forums and newsletters.


The bigger your market, the better.


Don’t be afraid of competitive markets, they’re big for a reason–they pay and people are listening!


You will then be able to make money by finding a sponsor who is willing to pay to reach your listeners. You could find your own advertisers, or join a podcasting network such as


If your content is desirable enough, you can charge for access to it, through services such as iTunes (


If you are selling your podcast, however, it is a good idea to create a free content version too in order to reach new listeners.


Coffee Shop Millionaire





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Grace Jee on September 25th, 2012


By:  The Rich Dad Coaching Team


With everything we approach in life, we can come at it from a place of fear or a place of passion.


Fear breeds passivity and disappointment.


Regardless of what a person’s balance sheet says today, you can tell whether he or she will become rich or stay poor by their passion.


The thoughts and words of the poor are slogans of fear.

They sound like this:

I can’t afford to do that right now.

What if it doesn’t work out?

I wouldn’t even know where to start.


Rich dad’s  slogans are the words and thoughts of passion.

Words that reflect confidence and energy are:

I can’t afford not to do this now.

I can make things better.

I might not know everything now, but I can take that first step.


Passion is more than just a positive attitude.


True passion is what motivates you to think creatively, to not take “no” for an answer, to pick yourself up when you get knocked down, and to keep pushing forward because you can’t imagine not realizing your passion.


Take for example Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the social networking site Facebook.

In addition to being CEO and President of Facebook, Zuckerberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2010. Why does this matter you might ask?

Zuckerberg is a prime example of someone whose passion drove him to realize his vision … or as  Robert Kiyosaki calls it, a strong business mission.

Zuckerberg has stated, “The thing I really care about is [Facebook's] mission, making the world open.”

By being passionate, Mark was able to realize his passion and accomplish what most people only dream about.

He is now the world’s youngest billionaire.



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Grace Jee on September 23rd, 2012


By:  Garin Kilpatrick


Here are 20 Facebook facts to help you put the awesome Facebook platform into perspective:


1.    There are over 950 million people on  Facebook  worldwide.


2.    Half a billion users log into Facebook every day.


3.    People aged 25-34 use Facebook the most.


4.    5 new Facebook profiles are made every second.


5.    Facebook users are 47% male and 53% female.


6.    Engagement is 18% higher on Thursdays & Fridays.


7.    300 million photos are uploaded every day.


8.    The average time spent on  Facebook  is 20 minutes.


9.    1 in 5 page views in the US occurs on Facebook.


10.   42% of  Marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business.


11.   77% of B2C companies have acquired customers from Facebook.


12.   72% of marketers handle Facebook in house.


13.   Brands have seen a 46% increase in user engagement with the new business Timeline.


14.   Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%.


15.   Consumers who followed a link to a retail site from Facebook spent an average of $102.59.


16.   51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands the  “like” on Facebook.


17.   33% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from friends on Facebook.


18.   90% of marketers plan on using Facebook ads in the future.


19.   68% of marketers say that  Facebook  ads are effective in fan and customer acquisition.


20.   The average cost per click on Facebook in 2012 is $1.14




Learn How To Blog



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Grace Jee on September 22nd, 2012


Good morning friends!


Today, I’m going to show you quick way to make money with writing.


If you know the secrets of writingmaking money online  is not as hard as you think.


You can work as much or as little as you want, from anywhere in the world, whenever you choose.


Friends, shall we start?


Freelance Writing

Online freelance writing jobs are plentiful, if you know where to look and can distinguish the legitimate opportunities from the potential scams.


Most people don’t have a clue about the wide variety of writing opportunities available to them all over the Internet. These include writing simple articles, press releases, and even complete e-books.


Some clients pay upfront for your material, offering a certain amount per word or per assignment. Others will pay you per the hour for other writing and publishing related tasks such as proof-reading and editing web content.


Freelance writing networks such as “The Freelance Writing Jobs Network” are a great place to start looking for writing jobs and advice.


And then there are what I call “freelance matchmaking” sites or “job boards” like and


On these sites, almost every day, thousands of businesses post various types of writing projects, gigs and requests. If you get aggressive in applying for these open spots, then there’s a virtually unlimited supply of writing opportunities that can make you money  relatively quickly.


When starting, reply to as many project requests as possible, offer to work at a reasonable rate (but not dirt cheap), and be quick and responsive.


Landing that first gig is always the hardest step, but once you’ve built up a portfolio and some clientele, you’ll get more and more consistent work.


The key to  making money  with freelance writing  is to quickly produce as many quality pieces as you can for your portfolio, and then use job boards and social networking strategies to promote your writing. The more traffic you get to your online work, the more companies you’ll have approaching you to write for them.


Coffee Shop Millionaire


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